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Aathira’s Vector Gaming

Amit’s Mashed Musings

Amreekandesi’s India…From the Eyes of a Non Resident Insider

Anshul Cartoons etc.


Destination Infinity

Dinesh’s 18,000 RPM

Dottie & Stephie’s Fashion Nation

Ewoon’s I am a Malaysian

Ishmeet’s Dead End

Karen’s Snippes of Life

Lekhni’s The Imagined Universe

Lemonade’s Freshly Squeezed!

MadMomma’s The Brat, the Bean and Bedlam

Mahak’s Mind flirting with thoughts


Nikhil’s M i r r o r C r a c k e d

Nita’s a wide angle view of India

Nova’s The World as I see it

Pr3rna’s I love life…so I explore.

Priyank’s Final Transit

Poonams’ Visceral Observations

Rambodoc’s A Twist of Word and Mind

Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman

Reema’s My Random Thoughts

Ruhi’s Time and Again

Sakhi’s Laghukatha

Shefaly’s La Vie Quotidienne

Suda’s Life Love and Logic

Su Ann’s

Sulz’s bloggerdygook

Su Yin’s The Journal of a Girl who Loves To Cook


Vishesh’s the light shines the brightest


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